2142 U.S. Highway 206
Belle Mead, NJ 08502

Harlingen Church 

2142 U.S. Highway 206
Belle Mead, NJ 08502

Worship - Sundays at 10:00 am 

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Thank you for supporting the ministry of Harlingen Church.  Without your generosity, fulfilling our mission of “introducing heaven on earth through loving people and serving God” becomes much more difficult.  God blesses those who blesses others.  Be Blessed today and everyday.

Welcome to Harlingen

We continue our mission of helping neighbors who struggle with finding enough food, specifically kids. Join us as we partner with the Franklin Food Bank in this virtual food drive. You can help by giving here

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How do you remember attending church?  Was it sitting with your grandparents?  Maybe you went with your family and attended Sunday school while Mom and Dad sat in "Big People Church".  Today, attending church can take so many different ways, and here at Harlingen, we are working to help provide some of those possibilities in today's world.

   Our Sunday morning worship is still the easiest means to attend church, and with today's technology, you can worship to your level of comfort and faith.  We gather every Sunday at 10:00 for worship. You can watch it online with your family or by yourself on our Livestream tab above, and no one will know you are here.  If you want to engage with the church family a little bit, join us on our Facebook page and feel free to say hello and share in conversation in the chat.  Maybe you want to become more engaged with the Harlingen community and gather with REAL people (not faces on a screen).  Bring your mask and come on down.

    We also understand that for some people, Sunday mornings don't work well.  Our Livestream remains "On Demand" during the week so you can worship in full service at any time you wish, or if you just want to get some of our teachings, go to the Worship tab and get the 20-25 minute messages from our pastors from the last three weeks.  These are usually up by Tuesday afternoon.  Pastor Chris also releases "An Encouraging Word" on Wednesdays via Facebook (or look here under his weekly vlog).

   Of course, the church is really about relationships, with God and with other believers.  As you become more engaged here at Harlingen, we encourage you to find a smaller group to be a part of your "family".  These are people you get to know better who you trust, and they trust you.  You find them to be your support when things are rough, and celebrators with you in the good.  Small groups are where the church really makes the difference in our lives, and in the world.  We would love to help you find your niche in the family.

   Welcome to Harlingen.  Please come in.  Let us know how we can help you become closer to God.

Over the last year, too many loved ones had to leave without us knowing what or how to say good-bye, let alone be able to honor their wishes. This webinar is designed to introduce a format to make sure your wishes (or the wishes of loved ones) are known, honored, and met. We will also discuss having the conversation about what is needed, wanted for funeral and memorials when our time on Earth comes to a close.
Register here for this important webinar: