our vision

love people; serve god

our values

who we are

is To introduce people to heaven on earth through the love of Jesus

Harlingen Church has been ministering to the Montgomery Township community since 1727.  As a member of the Reformed Church in America (RCA.org) we have been sharing the gospel of Jesus to this part of the world for nearly 300 years.

​Our latest vision empowers us to refocus and renew our love for God, for people and for our community, where we seek to expand our long-standing tradition of service to those in need

our Mission...

we strive for:

  • Ministry excellence

    • to give our best for the glory of God and the Spirit-filled inspiration of people.
  • Life-changing community

    • to become more Christ-like through close relationships.
  • generational Relevance

    • to make God "real" to people in their everyday life.
  • Joyful Service

    • to share the goodness of God's love through service.