Harlingen Reformed Church has been a part of Montgomery Township longer than the township has been here.  Founded in 1727, Harlingen Church has been ministering to this community for nearly 300 years.  Originally founded about 2 miles north of our current location, at the Harlingen Cemetery, the church moved to its current location in 1750.  The church has been rebuilt two additional times at the corner of Highway 206 and Dutchtown Road, with the current building being constructed in 1850.

Harlingen Reformed Church is a member of the Reformed Church in America (RCA)  The RCA was first established in colonial America in 1628 and has a continuous presence in the New World ever since.  This gives the RCA the delineation of being the oldest continuous Protestant denomination in America.  For more information on the RCA, please click on the link to  RCA.org.