Harlingen Church

Welcome to Harlingen Church.  We are located on Route 206 in Belle Mead, on the corner of Dutchtown-Harlingen Road.

​There is plenty of safe parking in the lots next to and behind the church.  Additional parking can be found next door as Gasior's Furniture, or across the street (Dutchtown Rd) within the doctor's parking lot

Our dress code is always casual and comfortable.  You will find everything from jeans and t-shirts to shirt and tie.

No previous experience is required.  The service is traditional in style but contemporary in message, meaning we sing a lot of the familiar hymns, with some praise mixed in, and a message that you can take home, reflect, and implement as your week goes along.  

After service, we serve coffee (not your typical church coffee), juice, and goodies.  It is time to join in conversations and meet new friends.