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Place a box or basket in a special place in your home.   Each day in November please add the corresponding item listed below to your food box.  Please return your box to Harlingen Church no later than November 24th.  All food will be delivered on November 25th   to the Franklin Food Bank.  Deserving families can then have food for Christmas.

  • November 1.   Box of Cereal
  • November 2.   Peanut Butter
  • November 3.    Stuffing Mix
  • November 4.    Macaroni and Cheese
  • November 5.     Boxed Potatoes
  • November 6.    Canned Fruit
  • November 7.    Canned Tomatoes
  • November 8.     Canned Tuna
  • November 9.     Dessert Mix
  • November 10.   Jar of Applesauce
  • November 11.   Canned Sweet Potatoes
  • November 12.   Cranberry Sauce
  • November 13.   Canned Beans
  • November 14.   Box of Crackers
  • November 15.   Package of Rice
  • November 16.   Package of Oatmeal
  • November 17.   Package of Pasta
  • November 18.   Spaghetti Sauce
  • November 19.   Chicken Noodle Soup
  • November 20.    Tomato Soup
  • November 21.    Canned Corn
  • November 22.    Canned Mixed Vegetables
  • November 23.    Canned Carrots
  • November 24.    Canned Green Beans

Pull top cans are great for easy opening.  Do this project as a family and discuss why you are collecting the food.  
Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people​

Harlingen Remembers the Less Fortunate

As people prepare for the upcoming season of food and festivities, Harlingen Church is partnering with the Franklin Food Bank in assuring the less fortunate have the same joys.  Harlingen is holding a “Preparing for Advent Food Drive” and is asking the community to purchase food supplies to send to the Franklin Food Bank to help serve its 2000+ people it serves each month.  The food is being gathered through Thanksgiving and then will be delivered to help replenish the FFB shelves after their Thanksgiving Rush.

The drive is open to anyone who would like to participate. Items can be brought in to the church any morning, or left in bags outside the office door (located at the ramp on Dutchtown Harlingen Road) and we will add them to the collection.  For more information, call (908) 359-3556.

Preparing for Advent

How to Help

Worship - Sunday's at 10:00 am