What Should I Expect at Harlingen Church?

​     It is our hope that you find yourself welcomed and comfortable, even on your first time with us.  Our services are traditional in format with a blend of music styles, which includes songs with guitar, piano and organ (although not all at once).  Service is assisted with screens up high to follow along, or if you prefer, bibles and hymnbooks are also available.  The morning message is roughly 20 minutes in length and relate to how we are designed to live our lives.  The whole gathering is about 60 minutes in length.

What Should I Wear?

     You should be comfortable.  This means different things for different people and you will see that at Harlingen Church.  You will find everything from shirt and tie or skirts on the more formal side (not many suit coats) to jeans and a nice shirt.  Most importantly is to come with a heart ready to worship.

What About My Children?

     Children of all ages are welcomed at Harlingen Church.  We believe very much that getting children familiar with God helps them later in life.  Children start in worship on Sunday morning for about the first 15 minutes.  The pastor has a particular message for the children before they are escorted by their teachers to their Sunday school classes where they will continue their story, do crafts and fellowship, but mostly learn about God's love for them.  This starts the first Sunday after Labor Day and continues to the second week of June.

    Younger children are welcome to either remain with parents, or we do have a nursery space provided for children 3 years old and younger.  The nursery is supervised by volunteers who will contact you via text if there is a concern.

   All children volunteers undergo a background check to help assure the safety of your children.

How Long is Worship?

     Our Sunday Gathering is about 60 minutes in length.   We spend about 15 minutes singing songs, praying (either listening, responsively, silently, or in unison) to help quiet our cluttered minds to hear what God wants us to hear today.  The message is more contemporary  in style as the pastor prepares a message that we can relate to in our lives.  Messages are often done in series (usually 4-6 weeks), and are mentally and spiritually engaging.  Message closes with an opportunity to sit in a couple minutes of silence to reflect on what you have heard or to pray for God to work in you life.  We know how busy life can be, so these couple minutes are often found to be very welcomed.  We conclude with our response to God which usually includes more songs, prayers for loved ones and participation in sacraments.  Communion is held on the first Sunday of the month during this time.  Baptisms are usually held on the third Sundays.

Will I Be Asked to Introduce Myself?

     ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Where we would love to get to know you, we will not put you on the spot like that.  We would appreciate filling out a guest card so we can touch base with you, answer any questions you may have, but that's as much pressure as we put on you.  You are invited to join us for GOOD coffee (not your typical church coffee), juice and refreshments afterwards, as well as maybe meet a couple new friends.